For Municipalities

Post Hearing Phase

Procedures at the end of a Hearing

  • Once a decision has been made on an appeal, the commissioner shall cause to have mailed or delivered a notice of the decision to the parties involved. This must be done not later than 15 days after the commissioner has DELIVERED a decision on the matter.
  • In order to allow the Assessment Agency to update the computer database, the commissioner will send the parties a copy of the list of the decisions and copies of any affidavits filed with the roll at the conclusion of the hearings.

Appeals to the Supreme Court

An appellant who is not satisfied with a decision of the commissioner, has the right to appeal that decision to a judge of the Trial Division of the Supreme Court at the judicial centre in which the municipality is situated.

  • The appeal must be made in writing to the municipal clerk of the municipality AND to the Trial Division of the Supreme Court (judicial centre) within 30 days after the mailing or delivery of the decision of the Commission to the Appellant.
  • The appellant may incur court costs.