For Municipalities

The Assessment Roll and Notices

Contents of the Roll

The assessment roll is a public document that shows:

  • the owner's name and address
  • the civic address of the property
  • the land size: by the frontage, in feet, or by acreage
  • the value of the land
  • the value of the building
  • the total value which is stated as taxable or non-taxable

The final page of the roll is a summary of totals for all the real property in a municipality. It shows total building values, total taxable, total nontaxable, total land values and total tenant's portions for the entire community.

Contents of the Notice

When all the assessments for a municipality have been completed, each property owner receives a Notice of Assessment. It shows:

  • the total assessment
  • the date the notice was mailed by the Municipal Assessment Agency
  • the deadline date for appealing the assessment