Our Commitment to You

Accuracy and Reliability 

The Agency places incredible importance on the validity of its data and the property values we provide.


Above all else, a consistent and rigorous process is applied in determining each and every property value.


The Agency strives for more than efficiency; the Board upholds the highest standard of best practice and is a results-driven organization.

Honesty and Transparency

It is important that the work of the Agency be completely open and transparent, and able to withstand the significant scrutiny.

Vision and Innovation

The Municipal Assessment Agency is committed to employing the very best in assessment practices and is open to new and exciting ideas and approaches in carrying out its work.


As an organization that interacts with stakeholders on a daily basis, we are committed to ensuring that we are always respectful of people, the valuation process, and opposing points of view.


We are committed to working together, forging strong partnerships, and building a strong team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals.