An Introductory Course

The Fundamentals of the Property Assessment Process in Newfoundland & Labrador

The Municipal Assessment Agency has developed an online training course. The course is comprised of three modules and is free to complete. Each module increases your level of knowledge about the property assessment process.

These training modules are designed to help town clerks, municipal staff, elected officials and the general public understand more about property assessments in the province. They are designed to educate on the following topics:

  • The Assessment Process
  • Assessment Legislation
  • Assessment Appeal
  • How Properties are Assessed

Each module will take about 20-30 minutes to complete. There is a quiz at the end of each module and you will have to get a 75% to “pass” each module. We recommend completing the modules in sequence, moving up a level as you go, because this course builds on concepts introduced in previous modules. You will get a certificate for each level that you complete.

If you have any feedback on this course, please email us at [email protected]