About Us

1. What is the Municipal Assessment Agency?

The Municipal Assessment Agency is a crown-owned corporation responsible for providing real property valuations for property tax purposes under the Assessment Act, 2006. The Agency is governed by a representative Board of Directors. The board includes eight municipal representatives, six of whom are elected by municipal clients of the Agency, two taxpayer representatives and a representative from each of the MNL and PMA. The six municipal representatives are elected by the municipal clients based on the Agency’s by-laws. The remaining nominees are appointed by either the provincial government or their representative group.

2. Who can run for the Board?

Any elected municipal official is eligible to be nominated provided they meet some basic requirements. The municipality they serve must be a client of the Agency and their municipality’s account must not be more than ninety days in arrears. The individual:

  • Must be a member of council
  • Must be at least nineteen years of age
  • Must not be mentally incompetent or have been found to be mentally incompetent by a court in Canada or elsewhere
  • Must not have the status of a bankrupt
3. What is the term of office?

Municipal representatives are elected for a four year term to run from January 1, 2010 and every four years thereafter.

All other representatives are appointed and serve until a new member is chosen in accordance with By-Law 004, Section A

4. How are nominations to be made?

A client municipality may nominate an eligible municipal official for consideration by forwarding a nomination in the form prescribed by the Nominating Committee. The nomination form will include the name of the nominating municipality and a signed acceptance of the nomination by the nominee. A nominee may only be nominated for one position during any election process. All nominations will be reviewed by the Executive Director and only those in compliance with the Agency’s By-Laws will be accepted.

5. How are elections to the Board handled?

In a year where an election is required, no later than July 1 annually, the Board shall appoint a nominating committee to be chaired by a member of the Board. The Committee will report with the list of nominees for municipal director positions.

When the Nomination Committee reports a requirement for an election, a mail ballot shall be forwarded to the eligible client municipalities as defined in the Agency’s By-Laws. The results of the ballot shall be reported to the Board.

6. Is there any remuneration for serving as a member of the Board?

Remuneration for members of the Board is in accordance with the Province’s guidelines for remuneration for Level 1 Boards.

7. What if I have other questions?

Please call the Agency’s Executive Director, Mr. Sean Martin, at (709) 724-1532.

Frequently Asked Questions