Does an assessor have a right to assess my property?

  • An assessor shall conduct assessments of real property in accordance with the Assessment Act, 2006.
  • An assessor has the right to have access to a property at any reasonable time to carry out their duties.
  • Refusing access or entry or giving false information can result in a fine. If convicted, an individual may be liable for a fine of not less than $50.00. If the fine is not paid, an individual can be sentenced up to one month in jail.
  • Any offence committed under Section 7 of the Assessment Act, 2006: Convicted or not, an individual who has contravened the law will lose the right to appeal any assessment made on the property in question during the year in which the offence occurred. This is also true for subsequent years if the property owner continues to be uncooperative.
  • Reference: Assessment Act, 2006 – Sections 7 and 4
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