What information am I required to provide an assessor?

  • Construction, financial, or sales information concerning the property is required to be provided to the assessor by an adult present at the time of the visit.
  • If the necessary information cannot be supplied at the time of the assessor’s first visit, then the assessor can request either orally or in writing, the particulars from anyone who may have knowledge of the property. “Anyone” can include owners, tenants, architects, contractors, etc. The information can vary from sale to rental prices construction and operating costs.
  • The property owner or third party that’s been contacted has 45 days from the date of delivery or mailing to provide all the information in his or her knowledge or possession. Any information that the person is unable to provide should be noted in the correspondence.
  • Not providing requested information within 45 day; If convicted, the penalty is $25.00 for each day after the expiration of 14 days following the delivery or mailing of the request. If the fine is not paid then the penalty is up to one month in jail.
  • If the assessor is not satisfied with the accuracy or truthfulness of the information supplied, he/she has the right and a duty to challenge it.
  • The assessor has the right to assess any property with or without the detailed information concerning that property. The assessment is based on fair market value.
  • An assessor is not required to accept the information given by anyone concerning the property.
  • Suppose a person claims ownership of a property and the assessor has reason to believe that the individual in question does not have legal title to it. In that case the assessor can leave the person’s name off the assessment roll.
  • Any offence committed under Section 7 of the Assessment Act, 2006: Convicted or not, an individual who has contravened the law will lose the right to appeal any assessment made on the property in question during the year in which the offence occurred. This is also true for subsequent years if the property owner continues to be uncooperative.
  • Reference: Assessment Act, 2006 – Sections 7 and 47
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