The Assessment Notice

When all the assessments for a municipality have been completed, each property owner receives a Notice of Assessment by mail, that outlines:

Box 1

Parcel identification, including the parcel number, street address, and municipality where the property is located

Box 2

Total assessed value, this valuation will be used by the municipality to calculate the taxes.  Tax rate times the assessed value will equal the taxes payable.

Box 3

The deadline to file an appeal. The Legislation does not permit the Agency to accept late appeals.

Box 4

Request for review, a no-cost alternative to an appeal.

Box 5

Value on the previous notification of the property

Box 6

Contact Information for the Municipal Assessment Agency


Date of mailing, tax year, base date, owner’s name and mailing address along with area to correct name and/or address


Notice of Appeal Form that outlines the process, filing fee, etc.

Download a sample assessment notice here

You can also Search Assessments to compare your assessed value with other properties on your street or in your community.