Terry Peckham

Director, Continuous Improvement & Client Services

Terry Peckham is the Director, Continuous Improvement and Client Services, and currently the President of the Institute of Municipal Assessors for the term 2019-2021.  Terry started his property assessment profession in 1994 and is currently the Director of Field & Data Services.  Prior to this, he served in various positions with the Agency, including Manager of Residential Properties and Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal Specialist.

Terry holds the M.I.M.A. Accreditation from the Institute of Municipal Assessors.  His academic profile includes a diploma in Appraisal/Assessment Technology from the College of the North Atlantic, a certificate in Business Administration from Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), certificates in Work Place Communications for Administrative Professionals and Supervisory Management Skills from the MUN Gardiner Centre.  Terry is a lifelong student with studies still ongoing.